Welcome to The Benefice of Farndon with Thorpe & Hawton with Cotham

Our benefice is made up of the Church of England parishes of Farndon, Hawton, Thorpe and Cotham and it contains three of the Newark area churches, in Southwell Diocese. (The Diocese of Southwell covers Nottinghamshire.) Farndon parish church dedicated to Saint Peter, Hawton parish church dedicated to All Saints, and Thorpe parish church dedicated to Saint Laurence. Cotham parish church was dedicated to Saint Michael, unfortunately the Cotham church has been declared redundant and so the members of Cotham church meet in the school rooms.

Of our churches All Saints Hawton is the best known, being famous for its fourteenth century Easter Sepulcher.

We hope you enjoy finding out a bit about us from this web site. Of course you are always welcome to come and meet us in person. Our service page will let you know when and where we meet for services. Do join us sometime, we're really a friendly bunch, always ready to greet visitors. Until you do come and see us can we just say ......

Our Rector is The Rev David Milner who can be contacted by email through our contact page or by phone on 01636 650063 . We also have a
weekly Parish Office where you can book baptisms or weddings at any of our churches. It is held at St. Peter's Farndon on Tuesdays
starting at 7p.m.

What's on in January

Tuesday 8th January: PCC St Peter's Farndon, 7.30 pm in St Peter's Church

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